The city who cares – Dublin

The city who cares – Dublin

Hey folks, I’m writing you again after I have visited one very special and pretty nice place on our planet 🙂

Sandyford, Dublin

As you can guess I’m speaking about Dublin City and I like it – because it’s clean and you can see people are taking care about all factors which are affecting global warming or almost all 🙂 Some of them are:

  • Citizens are using mostly non plastic bags for shopping in stores
  • There is a lot of bikes involved in traffic in the city – no traffic jams and pollution
  • A lot of people are using tram or train instead of car or bus – on electricity
  • A lot of folks are walking or running to the job
  • You can rent bike on many places
  • Deer are living in Phoenix park 🙂
  • You can find a lot of nice parks in whole city
  • Also there is no big Waste spaces on streets
  • Water ways are clean and safe because of rains

You should do it in same way in your city if you care about climate changes and pollution. Let me know if something could be improved or I forgot to mention in comments below or you can just like or share it, Thanks for reading and Cheers 😉

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