So long no see – Air Pollution

So long no see – Air Pollution

Hey guys,

After one longer period I haven’t posted any new post, to be honest I have been surprised as I presume most of you with all this Corona 19 stuff. Just to remind you if you haven’t seen my prev. post it was all about pollution and how this affect on humans health and it looks like I predict some things …

This time I would like to speak again about Air pollution as this is one of main reasons of human disease.

How many people die from air pollution?

7 Millions Deaths every year as a result of exposure to fine particles in polluted air.

How many people breathe unhealthy air?

91% Of the world’s population live in places where air quality exceeds WHO guideline limits.

And yes if you ask me I would recommend to take care of Corona-19, but also keep in mind that we are all in much bigger danger from Air Pollution as from time to time we can see how these changes affect on all of us.

What we should do about it, think much more about energy consumption and there are task to do:

  • Do you need each time to go on job or to the market with car ?
  • Do you need to turn off your car(if they are not hybrid or electric) – if you are staying in place or waiting for someone ?
  • Are you using coal to warm you houses ?

So we should keep fighting for clearer Air as we and our children could go out and travel without concern that we will have some issues with bad Air or Air pollution at all.

p.s. Stay safe and have a nice day 🙂


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